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My daily points and contests

Posted on | October 30, 2010 | 1 Comment

It’s a morning routine for me, along with my coffee and checking the inbox. I do my circuit of points collecting and contest entries daily. I figure my persistence may pay off eventually, so I really don’t like to miss even one day.

Now these contests change every so often. Some end, new ones begin, etc.. But it usually looks something like this..

My Points daily spin [ Click to visit! ] :
My first stop usually.. It’s quick and sometimes I even win some points. No moola yet. But I’m a long time mypoints member.. since the year 2000. It’s a great way to get free store cards. This daily spin thing is sort of a new thing for them, and an easy thing to do to get a few more monthly points accounted for.
Interested in joining mypoints? Leave your name and email as a comment and I’ll send you an invite.

The Gift-A-Day Giveaway [ Click here to visit! ] :
This is my next stop, and it’s a new giveaway sponsored by Doubleday Book Club, of which I’m a member. However the contest is open to all, so feel free to give it a try if you’d like. They are giving away NICE gifts like TVs, Cameras, Autographed books and more!

Share the Love (Scrapblog) [ Click to visit! ] :
This isn’t a contest, but I enjoy it none the less because each time I click to this scrapblog app on facebook, I earn points. The points are used in fun scrap book style creations I can send to facebook friends on their birthday or other events. The graphics are really cute, it’s free with my points and I like the personal feel and uniqueness of it.

Kitchen & Bath Giveaway [ Click to visit! ] :
Then I hope on over to the DiY Network and enter this contest. It’s a $100,000 cash contest to create the bathroom and kitchen I’ve always wanted. I think I could redo this entire house for that amount of cash and sure would like the chance to try. =) This contest ends Nov. 19, but the DiY Network always has some fun new contest to enter.

Trick-or-Treat Sweeps [ Click to visit! ] :
This is almost over actually. Sponsored by HGTV’s Front Door, I enter daily for my chance to win $3,000 in cash to “trick” out part of our home or “treat” myself toward a down payment on my next home. =) This ends Nov. 1st.

Spice up your Pie Sweeps [ Click to visit! ] :
Sponsored by the Food Network, I enter this daily, through November for my chance to win $4,500 cash and a collection of Food Network Chef Cookbooks. Fun Fun.

PCH Search & Win [ Click to visit! ] :
As the name implies, you search and win. I have not won yet though. I still make it part of my routine because you never know and it only takes like 2 seconds to search for something. Prizes and Winners are random.

PCH Facebook & Twitter Cash Contests [ FB, Twitter ] :
Monthly $100 gift card giveaways for social networking with PCH through Facebook and Twitter.

PCHLotto [ Click to visit! ] :
I do several different Publisher’s Clearing House (PCH) Contests daily, as you can see. These are their Lotto games. There are 4 of them and usually for cash giveaways. You pick your own numbers or do a “Quick pick” and submit. The ad in between lotto games is standard for all PCH contests, but doesn’t last long at all.

PCHwonderland [ Click to visit! ] :
PCH wonderland is my next to last stop.. This one takes me a few minutes because it’s several contests in one. Here, I enter for a car, a trip, a home theater system, cash, a dream home and of course the 10 million dollar super prize. I have bought a few things through PCH, but normally I skip the ads. They’d like you to purchase of course, but it does not increase your chances of winning.

PCHgames [ Click to visit! ] :
This is my last stop in the point collecting, contest entering circuit. At PCH games, I usually participate in any free point giveaways they have there like the “instant spin” for cash or points they have going now. I may play a game or two while I’m there. They have some good ones, with ads of course. I usually let my points (called “tokens” at PCH games) build up pretty high and then I’ll use them for entries into the prize giveaways they do each month – usually for $100 & $200 store cards. I like the Target cards. =)

To help me keep all these places straight, I’ll usually bookmark the entry page in a folder called “Dailies” and I’ll move that folder to my Bookmarks Toolbar as in the screen-shot below. It makes it all much easier to access being on my toolbar means I’ll see it and get it done.

Happy winning!!

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  1. Debbie Stevens
    October 31st, 2010 @ 5:15 pm

    You NEVER cease to amaze and delight Karlyn….what a gorgeous little place you have set-up here,-Loved the photo of you on set of The Closer, how cool!!

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