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Enjoy MyPoints Rewards

Posted on | September 10, 2013 | No Comments

I love MyPoints. I have been with them since January of 2000! Over the years, I’ve seen so many rewards programs come and go, but my favorite – MyPoints, has survived and rewarded it’s many members diligently all this time. Since my membership with MyPoints started in 2000, I have racked up over 101,000 points of which I have redeemed for hundreds of gift cards to my favorite places, like all just by checking out MyPoints emails and responding to an occasional offer they send my way.

MyPoints They have these fun games they do now and then too, where you can rack up points really quickly. Like this new one for the month of September called “Lucky Leaf”. You pick up one clue each day on MyPoint’s Faceboook page and follow that clue to MyPoints, where, when you find the lucky leaf, click on it and get 50 extra points! I got mine and if you play along, you can get yours too, but you have to be quick! They only give the extra points to the first 500 clickers for each new clue every day.

I hope you check it out and begin enjoying MyPoints Rewards yourself. What takes seconds can offer you online rewards you will enjoy trading in at the largest selection of retailers online!

Sign up with MyPoints and be one of the first 500 members to find and click on the Lucky Leaf to collect 50 points. Have fun!!

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