Day: October 6, 2018

How to choose the perfect tapestry for a curtain

If you’ve struggled with finding the right wall Curtains decor for your space, you may want to consider using a tapestry Curtains instead of a traditional painting or photograph. Tapestry Curtains can make a great addition to your home decor, so they’re worth checking out.

Long gone are the days when people used tapestries as rugs only, nowadays they make great pieces of wall art that can transform any dull space into a lively and cozy one. This makes them the perfect choice of curtains when moving to a new home or apartment for those who want a unique personal touch to the new space. However, buying the wrong tapestry can have the opposite effect of making your home look horrible. You should therefore strive to know the right factors to consider in order to make the right choices. Some tips that can help you include:

Choosing the best fabric

Tapestries come in different types of fabric ranging from light to heavy. These have different duration periods making it easier to pick one according to how long you want them to last. This can also affect how good they look since those that are too heavy may not hang proper and may have a problem when you draw them.

Considering the window location

Even high quality fabrics get affected by direct sunlight after a certain period. It’s therefore important to consider how much the sun reflects on the window and the curtain when making a choice. Avoid buying light tapestry curtains for windows most likely to get too much sun as well as those of low quality that can fade fast. If you have any type of concerns regarding where and the best ways to use TapestryShopping, you can call us at our page.

Considering the window size

Although different types of tapestries come in different sizes, finding the perfect fit for your window may still be difficult, especially for too large windows or tiny ones. You can therefore opt to have one customer made for you so it doesn’t overlap or leave spaces. Finding someone to custom make them for you isn’t difficult since different brands such as mandala curtains always compete with each to satisfy customer’ needs. You can even find someone online and send the right measurements together with the type of design you want and it will be delivered once finished.


Hippie curtains are some of the tapestry curtains that are very easy to maintain in terms of washing and durability. Still, this is a major factor to consider when making a choice since how frequently you intend to wash your curtains and the mode of cleaning you’ll be using matter. The tapestry you choose should depend on whether you intend to hand wash, dry clean or machine wash it frequently.

The design and color

The rest of your home decoration plays a big role in your choice of curtain since they should be a perfect blend. These types of tapestry curtains usually have different patterns and colors so finding one most suitable should be easy.

Hair Transplant Donor: How Many Transplanted Hair Grafts Will I Need?

Planning on getting a hair transplant? If so and you find yourself reading this article, then you are making a wise choice. Educating yourself about the procedure can help you understand it better, and can also make you ask relevant and important questions during consultation. Right now let’s focus on hair transplant donor grafts.

You may have read about the mechanics of a hair transplant and all that jazz about it, but are you informed enough on what a donor graft is? How it is chosen and why do they often come in a particular area of the head? You might also be interested on knowing why the graft sheds after a couple of months and should you be worried about this? For the sake of information and clarification let’s delve into the topic of hair transplant donor grafts much further.

Hair loss usually progresses on a receding fashion from the front of the hairline which sometimes stops at the middle portion of the head or near the occipital area. In some cases it also starts at the crown of the head and then widens. But the common thing here is that the back portion of the head is often spared. This makes it the best area to harvest donor grafts.

Hair surgeons will only make do with the resources that they have which is why not everyone has the same coverage. The extent of hair loss will certainly affect how much donor grafts are available, and it not always the case that a full coverage can be done. An experienced surgeon can tell the extent of work that can be done with the number of hair donors available. Therefore even with very limited supply an appearance of fullness can be made, with the work concentrated largely on the first two-thirds of the head. In worst cases where the hair at the occipital or donor region is just too sparse then a patient may not be considered a good candidate. If you have any kind of questions concerning wherever and the way to make use of  Hair Transplant After 1 Month, you’ll be able to email us from our own site.

For those who have a good amount of donor hair and less demand for grafts, a full coverage can be expected. But in this case a good judgment should also be made by a hair transplant surgeon because the problem here often comes in making a fitting hairline.

Another issue concerning donor grafts is that some think it is best to have the hair transplant earlier while the donor area is still full. This is a wrong decision; it is important to wait until hair loss stabilizes before a proper assessment can be done. Going ahead with it early on does not guarantee a success and could end up with the grafts deteriorating even in its new site, and then fall off. What is worse is that you now have a visible scar which you cannot conceal because you have unduly thinned out the area with a premature hair transplant.

So given that your hair loss has stabilized and you are clear for surgery, a surgeon now decides on how to remove the donor grafts. There are two ways to do it, the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). The first one is done by removing a strip of the scalp with the hair donors and then individually removing them using a special tool through a highly magnified microscope. FUE is considered to be less invasive and has less chances of scarring because it uses an instrument which individually creates circular incisions to remove the hair graft. However it is known to cause more breakage and wastage of donor grafts.

Should a hair transplant procedure become successful, your donor grafts now enter a recovery phase. It is time where they adapt to the new environment, and along with that you should be very careful with post-surgical care and maintenance to assist them to thrive beautifully.

Tips on How to Find a Rear Window Wiper Motor For Your Car

Lets face it. A car is an object that you put petrol in, get in and drive from point A to point B and occasionally wash, vacuum and put oil in. You really do not have to be too concerned with the internal running of each component that makes it function. That is unless you are stranded on a wet and cold night because of your lack of appreciation of such an exceptionally designed object. It is always ironic that it is also on a rainy day or night that we discover our window wipers do not work and hence our windows remain dirty and/or wet.

So what do we do? Some of us less capable motor enthusiasts take it to the local mechanic who charge a fortune to do a job that takes five minutes with a part that costs a million dollars and has to be imported from a little known country half way round the world taking six months to come in. Others rely on their partners, spouses or dear old dads to work it all out. The more adventurous of us tackle it head on.

So here is how to find a rear window wiper motor for your car. Lets start with the basics. For the novices, this contraption is the mechanism that causes the wiper blade and its attachment to move from side to side. Even carefully looking after your car cannot prevent this from wearing out through age or an electrical fault. If you have any type of concerns regarding where and the best ways to use, you can call us at our page.

The first most obvious thing to know when setting out to find such an important device is the make, model and engine capacity of your car. While most of us can remember these details from the date of purchase, if you cannot, this can be found on the inspection plate located under the hood, in the instruction manual or service log books. Some places also require the chassis number and/or engine number for quick reference. These can also be located on the engine plate. You then need to be aware that it is classified as an electrical part.

The next thing to consider is whether you wish to purchase the part as an original or after sales generic model. When purchasing as an original part, the options available include direct from the manufacturer or similar or as a used part from a wrecker. While all can be accessed from the Internet for availability, the wrecker requires you to dismantle it yourself. This is an advantage in itself as you can check its condition while learning how to reassemble it in your own vehicle. Likewise the after sales model can be purchased online or via a shop specialising in automotive parts. Typing in your make of car along with the key term wiper blade motor into a search engine will start you on your way.