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Loving Zero Water

Posted on | July 29, 2014 | 1 Comment

I had a water pitcher/filter in my fridge for a while now.. I bought the replacement filters (Brita or comparable store brand) every three months or so and for the last few years, thought I was drinking cleaner water because of these efforts. I was wrong. My daughter told me about her recent Zero Water purchase and how much she enjoyed the taste of the water so much better. zerowaterpitcherMy daughter actually liking water was pretty amazing, lol. She was never much into water solo before. I was happy for her and since I new my pitcher needed an upgrade anyway, thought I’d see what this Zero water was about. I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond and liked what I read on the packaging, so I brought it home.

The pitcher includes a little themometer-looking water meter, so you can measure the amount of unwanted stuff in your water. They encourage you to test your tap water and I was intriqued, so I did. I guess a common amount of metals and other yucky things in California tap water measures around 240. However, I was surprised to see the number from my tap water was 293! Out of curiosity, I used the meter on my so-called “clean” water in the filter/pitcher that I had been using for years now, the one I knew needed the upgrade – remember? OK, so the meter measured a whopping 243 for that obviously not-so-clean-after-all water. I was kinda perturbed at this point that I was fooling myself, thinking I was drinking more pure water all this time when I was so totally wasn’t.

So after cleaning the Zero pitcher and assembling the filter and adding some cold tap water. I watched, in anticipation, my new system do it’s magic and fill this new pretty blue pitcher with (hopefully) pure water, without the unwanted materials, metals, chemicals, etc..

The first glass out of the pitcher, I tested, of course – to compare. The results? ZERO. My new Zero Water tested clean and oh boy, you could actually taste the difference too. I am so impressed!

I am not an affiliate, I did not get this product free to try and no one is giving me any kind of treats or kudos to say this. I’m just really honestly very happy with this and wanted to share the results with you. I thought that maybe there might be a few people who could benefit from the info. Time to switch your water filter/pitcher at home too maybe?

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Solar Shield Glasses for me!

Posted on | June 25, 2014 | No Comments

I really enjoyed receiving my new Solar Shield® Sunglasses. These are highly technological, polarized glasses for a great price. MY eyes feel comfortable in them, completely protected from the harsh rays of the bright California sunshine, and if I need to, I can wear them over my prescription glasses as well. How cool is that?!


Aside from being very comfortable to wear, these glasses protect the eyes completely. When I’m wearing them while taking a walk, or driving, I don’t find myself needing to adjust them in any way. I feel covered and I know my eyes are benefiting from these glasses because I’m not squinting at all. Who needs those extra lines around the eye from squinting so much. I know I don’t!. Lots of different designs to view/purchase. Check out Solar Shield to see for yourself at Summer is on the way.. Protect your eyes! :)

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The Teleporting Sneeze by Kat

Posted on | May 20, 2014 | No Comments

Today, I’m sharing a short video produced by my daughter, with the help of her BFF. It’s fun and cute and I hope you take a look and share it with your peeps as well. My filmmaker daughter is hoping to increase her youtube audience. So thank you in advance! She welcomes new subscribers and comments on her videos as well. Okay, here we go, with “The Teleporting Sneeze” :) If you enjoy, please “Like” on YouTube:

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