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Grandma on board

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babyonthewayThe news my husband and I received recently, is so wonderful that it’s hard not to want to share it with the world. My daughter and son-in-law are pregnant!

The moment I found out, I was filled with joy. My baby is having a baby! I’m feeling so many different emotions about what’s to come. I am, of course, so happy for the two of them. They are starting on a journey so profoundly life-changing and amazing and it will be such a pleasure to witness. Then there’s the fact that I will be a grandma and can love and spoil the heck out of the little one.  :)

grandma karlynThere’s a lot to plan and look forward to in the next few months.  Just call me “Grandma Karlyn” because I’m jumping head-first into this role! I can’t wait and I’ll be sure to keep this blog fresh with baby updates.  :-D

I received that cute little bib here from my daughter when she gave me the big news. She asked me to close my eyes and hold our my hands and then she placed the adorable big in my hands. Awwww..

I’m so excited! Thanks for reading :>

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Pure Costumes


Sharing: You’re not worse, by Leo

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You’re Not Worse Than Other People

By Leo Babauta

I was talking to a loved one yesterday about her fears, and several times made the comment, “Everyone has these fears. Everyone.”

And this is true. The fears and problems you have are not unique to you.

We all have them, usually secretly, oftentimes even hidden from ourselves.

fearWe think we’re alone in our fears, but we’re not. We all share them, a common thread that connects us as humans.

We think we’re worse than others in our failures, but we’re not. Everyone has the same failures, everyone is ashamed of them, no one can avoid them. They are a part of who we as human beings. And not wanting these failures to be a part of us is also human.

Everyone else has the same fears you have: fears of failure, of embarrassment, of uncertainty, of discomfort.

Fear of not being good enough.

Everyone else has the same failures you have: procrastination, selfishness, jealousy, insecurity, not being happy with ourselves, not being disciplined, being afraid and shying away from the difficult and terrifying.

You are not alone.

You are not worse.

You are human. And in your failures and fears and weaknesses, you are connected to me, to everyone else on this planet.


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About Face

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about karlynTechnically, an “about-face” is a term or command used to describe a turnaround or u-turn. I hadn’t update my “About Page” in so long however; I felt it needed an about-face of it’s own, and update the profile pic, so it was fitting.

I had to change some of the wordage to fit my current life scene and I had to update the photo, as I said. The other photo was not drastically old (March 2013), but I’d lost more weight since then (Yay Me!), so, yes, a new image was happily switched out. Hehe..

… And many things are taking place right now as well.. so there’s another “About-face”. I don’t recall ever being busier in my life than I am right now. Most of it happy-busy stuff, so fine. Some of it is new, different and challenging. But if you know me personally; you know I enjoy a challenge.

Unfortunately, my sites have suffered some, content-wise, during these new challenges and opportunities. I can’t honestly say it’s going to get better either. I have pretty much resigned from graphic design work and dabble much less in affiliate marketing and website advertising services. Working full time in retail is demanding, physically and mentally. Work, along with home obligations, family, friend  and social events, computer time is much more minimal these days. My butt is thankful though, as it was always very sedentary work and not a healthy choice for so many years.

Speaking of, and on a brighter note, the health stuff is going well. I’m 2 years a vegan now and have never looked back. I quit all wheat products as well. You may be surprised to know it was easier than I thought and has brought me to this place where I’m eager to learn more about the role foods/nutrition (especially plants-based and herbs) play in overall wellness and healing. There are still some important lifestyle adjustments I need to make, ways I can improve diet-wise, and I’m working on them this very moment. I do feel better than ever though. Let me tell you; that’s a BIG “about face” in itself.. looking back at where I was several years ago.

Always; Thanks for reading.


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